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David Scott
a short Biography

Music has existed in David's life as long as he can remember, sitting at the piano every weekend with grandma, listening to her play and trying to play along himself, to no avail! At 10 years old at a school assembly, the teachers asked the students to pick an instrument of study. David picked the saxophone, but his parents did NOT have the money to rent or buy his next logical choice was the drums. After all it only required a pad and pair of sticks, correct? Wrong! At first yes, but as the years progressed more and more equipment was needed to become a full on drummer. As the years progressed his teacher offered him first chair in the high school band! David declined and said he really just wanted to play for fun and further study was not necessary! The teacher was shocked and said you could do great things if you continue, but being a young, ignorant adolescent, David still declined! Years passed, college came and David had auditioned to get accepted into 2 of the major Music schools in the US, University of Miami and Berkley College of Music. He passed the auditions, but opted to stay local in south Florida and just work and go to school at a community college! After completing 2 years at a community college studying, Music, Business and Pre Med (couldn’t make up his mind)! David decided to go to The Art Institute to have something to fall back on as everyone always says! After graduating from Art school in Graphic design, David secured a job in the Ad department for TRW engine parts division! After 5 years at that job, all the while thinking about music all day and wanting to write music for the commercials at the company, David was contacted by a band (Private Stock) to go on a cruise ship to work and travel the world. Fast forward 10 years and the travel, playing, money and people he met, was a once in a lifetime experience but he wanted more! He decided to learn the other side of camera behind the scenes, so to speak, and learn sound engineering. Royal Caribbean cruise lines, the company he had been working with in the band, was bringing out a new ship and asked if he would like to join in the shipyard to help add the final touches in the entertainment systems and stay on as a sound Technician. David accepted and went on to work with the likes of Clair Brothers Audio, HMS systems France, MAVCO and others, who taught him many of the techniques used in the large concert and installation systems and assisted in the installation and operation of audio systems. After working for 2 years as a sound technician, David was asked to come work in the shoreside office as a consultant for Newbuild and Drydock refurbishments for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. The job entailed traveling to the vendors and shipyards supervising the loading, Logistical and Installation of Entertainment systems on board the ships! This led him to form his own company Source For Music, Inc. which since 1997 has been producing music ever since, for the likes of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Cirque Du Soleil, Cirque Dreams, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Ford Motor Company, TLC network, FOX network, Travel Channel , CBS and more.

David continues to take classes from Berklee online and various other online schools to keep up with modern times and further his education! David is proficient in Logic Pro and Protools and currently runs his own, in home music studio. David also continues to play with Private Stock Band doing corporate events, weddings, etc., as well as doing a Rock Tribute show on board some of the Largest ships the world!

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